Foreign Mission Support

Foreign Mission Support

We are proud to support the following mission works.

Harry Hamilton in Santiago, Chile

Harry Hamilton has worked as a missionary in Santiago full-time since 1991 and has been associated with mission work since 1982. His mission has been to establish churches and be involved in leadership training.  Bertram has supported Harry for many years.

From Harry

“My ministry in Chile began on April 18, 1982. I spent two years in Chile (1982-1983) working with a teamin Santiago, the capital city. I then returned to the United States. In 1991, I returned to Santiago in 1991 with the intention of working on three goals: ministry leadership, establishing acongregation in the southern part of Santiago, and working toward the evangelization of the entire country of Chile.

Over the years, I have helped many members of the church become ministers. These men have been active in spreading the góspel not only in Chile, but also in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Two ministers, Pedro Sanchez and Milton Muñoz, have even held meetings in Mexico and the United States.

During the time that I have been in Chile, the church has grown from a metropolitan church located primarily in Santiago to a national church with congregations from the northern city of Arica to the southernmost city of Punto Arenas. In addition, we have had hundreds of baptisms.

The congregation in La Villa, which is the congregation that I work with most, has grown over the years.  We recently bought a property and are desirous of constructing a building, as soon as we can get the funds.  The number of members is increasing. We recently had over 80 in attendance.

I also work with other congregations such as the church in Rancagua, which is to the south of Santiago, the congregations in Domeyko, Los Nogales, and La Florida.

The church in Chile is growing. For that we can give thanks to God.”

Bertram Church of Christ is supporting Harry monthly.

Milton Munoz in Chile

In the 1980’s, Bertram was instrumental in the beginning of missions work in Chile through the work of Harry Hamilton.

We currently supported Milton Munoz a native minister.  Milton hass the heart of evangelist and zeal is gift from God and a blessing to those lost sheep in Chile, and throughout South America.  He frequently travel to other countries in the region and truly see the church as being where two or more are gathered in His name.

Bertram is supporting Milton monthly.

From Milton

My name is Milton Muñoz Riquelme, married to Jacqueline Olmedo and three children. I started working for the church in 1990 by doing Educational Planning classes, classes aimed at teachers of basic education and secondary education. But since 1992 my work was directed exclusively to the church and missions.

I belong to the church of Christ “Los Nogales” from 2007 until now. Before that, I was working in the Church of Christ “La Villa” from 1994 to 2007. I started in the Church of Christ “Upper Room” from 1990 to 1992. In 1992 missionary Harry R. Hamilton arrived in Santiago and started working with him to establish a new congregation in Santiago. The work I am developing at the moment is:

1. Preaching and Teaching of the Scriptures.
2. Preparation classes of preachers.
3. Exegesis classes for sisters
4. Marriages Encounter once a year
5. Cooperation with personal studies and biblical training for churches in northern and southern Chile.
6. Mission trips during the year to Peru and Bolivia developing themes proposed by the churches visited. Two trips per year to each country.

I currently work with the following congregations:
1. In Santiago:
a. Church of Christ in “Los Nogales” (I belong to Los Nogales)
b. Church of Christ “La Villa” (I worked with this church from 1994 to 2007)
2. Church of Christ in northern Chile:
a. Christ Church in Arica (Arica is 1250 miles from Santiago)
b. Church of Christ in Antofagasta (Antofagasta is 745 miles from Santiago)
c. Church of Christ in La Serena (La Serena is 310 miles from Santiago)
I visit these churches twice in the year.
d. Church of Christ in the Andes. Los Andes is 65 miles from Santiago. I visit this congregation once every two months.
3. Churches of Christ in southern Chile:
a. Church of Christ ist Church in Chiguayante (Chiguayante is 320 miles from Santiago. I visit this church twice in the year).
b. Church of Christ in Puerto Montt (700 miles from Santiago. I visit this church once a year.

Eastern European Missions

Since 1961, EEM has been providing God’s Word to the people of Eastern Europe and beyond in their own languages.  Now, EEM provides Bibles and an array of Bible-based materials in more than 20 languages in over 30 nations–to individuals, churches, public schools, universities, orphanages, hospitals, prisons, and anywhere else Bibles are needed – free to all.

EEM is working with national leaders in countries like Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece to distribute thousands of Bibles and Bible-based materials. EEM is also currently fulfilling requests for Bibles in four entire regions in Ukraine, and 180,000 books in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.