Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Prison Ministry

New Life Behavior Classes are taught at the Ellen Halbert Women’s Unit in Burnet, Texas by women teachers from Marble Falls Church of Christ and Bertram Church of Christ.  Men from both congregations go in and conduct a brief worship service with songs and communion each week and then leave before the classes begin. The women are divided into 4 classes. The material is Bible-based and the women elect to take them.

The women from Bertram in 2017 started sending WBS upon request to the incarcerated at Ellen Halbert Women’s Unit in Burnet. Now the ministry has spread to prisoners all over Texas.

This is an outreach program that will touch many lives in our community.  This also involves many of the congregation.  Each year you open your hearts and the outpouring of generosity and love is amazing.  This is a very special family who loves each other and lets God’s love shine in the many ways you serve!

Backpack Buddies

Bertram Church of Christ started the Backpack Buddy program in support of Bertram Elementary School in October 2014.  The program was started to fulfill the need of hungry children throughout the community.  These children could be fed through school-funded projects on campus for breakfast and lunch during the week, but children would come back to school hungry on Mondays after being home all weekend.  Children are identified for the program through the school via counselors, teachers, or CPS recommendations.

Each child who is recommended for the program is given a backpack.  The backpack is then filled each week through generous donations of members throughout the school year.  The children receive various breakfast, lunch, and snack items in their backpacks.  The children return their bags which are refilled weekly and sent home each Friday.

This program has been a great way for our congregation to serve those in need throughout our community.  It has also filled a need for some of those less fortunate in our area.  We are grateful God has allowed us to serve in this ministry!

Back to School Events

“Welcome Back” Breakfast

Each year when the teachers and staff return to Bertram Elementary School, the ladies of the Bertram Church of Christ prepare and serve a “Welcome Back” breakfast.  This is our way of letting the personnel know that we appreciate all that they do for the children at our school.