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“Welcome Back” Breakfast

August 2018

Bertram Elementary School

Each year when the teachers and staff return to Bertram Elementary School, the ladies of the Bertram Church of Christ prepare and serve a "Welcome Back" breakfast.  This is our way of letting the personnel know that we appreciate all that they do for the children at our school.

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Sniffles, Sock or Undie Sunday

August 2018

Bertram Elementary School


SNIFFLESThe generosity and love of this congregation never ceases to amaze me. Not only did you welcome the faculty and staff back with a wonderful breakfast, your response to our request for underwear, socks, and Kleenex was fantastic. You donated 271 pair of socks, 183 paper of underwear and 33 boxes of Kleenex. You always open your heart and share your love during this time of year.  Little ones will benefit from your gifts all year long.  A dry pair of underwear, warm socks and a soft tissue for our noses are all things we take for granted.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children.






Bertram Logo Site IndexBertram church of Christ is a family of Christians committed to following Jesus. We believe there is only one true, eternal God who co-exists equally in three Persons: God the Father; God the Son (Jesus Christ); and, God the Holy Spirit. We believe God is fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ; therefore, we desire to see all people transformed into His disciples.

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535 N West St

PO Box 494

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