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MiltonMunoxIn the 1980’s, Bertram was instrumental in the beginning of missions work in Chile through the work of Harry Hamilton. 

We currently supported Milton Munoz a native minister.  Milton hass the heart of evangelist and zeal is gift from God and a blessing to those lost sheep in Chile, and throughout South America.  He frequently travel to other countries in the region and truly see the church as being where two or more are gathered in His name.

Bertram is supporting Milton monthly.


Report November 12, 2019

. My name is Milton Muñoz Riquelme, married to Jacqueline Olmedo and three children. I started working for the church in 1990 by doing Educational Planning classes, classes aimed at teachers of basic education and secondary education. But since 1992 my work was directed exclusively to the church and missions.

I belong to the church of Christ "Los Nogales" from 2007 until now. Before that, I was working in the Church of Christ “La Villa” from 1994 to 2007. I started in the Church of Christ “Upper Room” from 1990 to 1992. In 1992 missionary Harry R. Hamilton arrived in Santiago and started working with him to establish a new congregation in Santiago. The work I am developing at the moment is:

1. Preaching and Teaching of the Scriptures.
2. Preparation classes of preachers.
3. Exegesis classes for sisters
4. Marriages Encounter once a year
5. Cooperation with personal studies and biblical training for churches in northern and southern Chile.
6. Mission trips during the year to Peru and Bolivia developing themes proposed by the churches visited. Two trips per year to each country.

I currently work with the following congregations:
1. In Santiago:
   a. Church of Christ in "Los Nogales" (I belong to Los Nogales)
   b. Church of Christ “La Villa” (I worked with this church from 1994 to 2007)
2. Church of Christ in northern Chile:
   a. Christ Church in Arica (Arica is 1250 miles from Santiago)
   b. Church of Christ in Antofagasta (Antofagasta is 745 miles from Santiago)
   c. Church of Christ in La Serena (La Serena is 310 miles from Santiago)
I visit these churches twice in the year.
   d. Church of Christ in the Andes. Los Andes is 65 miles from Santiago. I visit this congregation once every two months.
3. Churches of Christ in southern Chile:
a. Church of Christ ist Church in Chiguayante (Chiguayante is 320 miles from Santiago. I visit this church twice in the year).
b. Church of Christ in Puerto Montt (700 miles from Santiago. I visit this church once a year.

In the love of the Lord,

Milton and Jacqueline Muñoz

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